Short Fiction


“The Book of Tar”

Factor Four (contemporary fantasy, 1000 words, 2024)
[Free to read online!]


“A Love of Bicycles in the Violent Now”

Small Wonders (dark fantasy, 1000 words, forthcoming 2024)

[Free to read online!]


“Darkness, Blanket of My Eyes”

Flash Fiction Online (horror, 1000 words, forthcoming 2024)


“The Healing Breath of Alpacas”
Peculiar Pets (science fiction, 1000 words, 2023)


“The Clockwork Octopus and a Letter to Queen Victoria”

Dragon Gems Winter Anthology, Water Dragon Press (steampunk, 3300 words, 2024)


“The Stellar Instrument” 

Rhapsody of the Stars, Third Flatiron (science fiction, 2800 words, 2023)

*BSFA Awards Longlisted


“Seeds So Sweetly Hollow”

Dragon Gems Fall Anthology, Water Dragon Press (horror, 4300 words, 2023)


“Magic, Love, and Loathing in Tuesday Movies”

The Dread Machine (fabulism, 1300 words, forthcoming 2023)


“Beneath a Veil of Snow”

There’s No Place, Renaissance Press (hypothermia, 3100 words, forthcoming 2023)


“Interstellar Chess Between Scions of the Matryoshki”

Gargantua, Air and Nothingness Press (science fiction, 1000 words, 2023)


“Gordon’s Perfect Woman”

Flash on the Fly, Death Knell Press (science fiction horror, 1000 words, 2022)
[Free to read online!]


“Bee of Ganymede”

Escape Pod (science fiction, 500 words, 2022)
[Free to read and listen online!]


“Unwinding the Clock”

After the Gold Rush, Third Flatiron Anthologies  (science fiction, 3000 words, 2022)


“The Memorandums of Baja Bonita Construction”

Los Suelos, Surface Dweller Press  (horror/Weird, 1800 words, 2022)


Micro Fiction

[Mostly free to read online!]


“Astronaut Countdown”

Stupefying Stories (science fiction, 75 words, 2024) 


“Honeybunny and the Embroidery Witch”

Stupefying Stories (science fiction, 125 words, 2023)


“Trash-Talking Space Honky Trips Over the Finish Line”

Stupefying Stories (weird west, 80 words, 2023)


“Divided Sky, Stolen Life”

Reprinted by Martian Magazine (science fiction, 100 words, 2023)


“Writers Strike Reaches the Office of Predestination”

Stupefying Stories (humor, 125 words, 2023)


“Nightmare Narcosis”

Deadly Drabble Tuesdays, Hungry Shadows Press (horror, 100 words, 2024)


“Spin Drive Class with Captain Ryan”

Stupefying Stories (science fiction, 100 words, 2023)


“Memories that Loop and Shatter”

Stupefying Stories (science fiction, 100 words, 2023)


“Leave the Plasma Gun, Take the Cannoli”

Stupefying Stories (science fiction, 100 words, 2023)


“Divided Sky, Stolen Life”

Stupefying Stories(science fiction, 100 words, 2023)


“How I Met my Sirenian Wife”

Wyldblood Press (science fiction, 100 words, 2023)


“Fauna Subject to Change”

Martian Magazine(science fiction, 100 words, 2022)


“Piss Pistol”

Weird Christmas Podcast(weird fiction, 300 words, 2021)

(My reading is an hour in and is… unique, heh)


“Indentured to the Stars”

Martian Magazine (science fiction, 100 words, 2021)